| Is there a God? | My Experience

My name is Matthew Poh and I don’t want to be presumptious, but isthere a God? How do we know? Where do we find Him? Is He listening? Will He help us?

Most of us have some point in time asked or sought Him, especially during our low moments of weakness and suffering.

As ex-offenders who have gone through bouts of depression, rejection, accusations and loneliness, we tend to seek God more than the general public. The notion of God does not seem to exist to most people. Well, not while they are enjoying the peace and blessing that surrounds them.

However at the very instant when crisis hits, one will tend to turn his hopeful eyes towards the Almighty One. An inborn natural reaction of all humans. Yet at this stage, not everyone experiences Him.

I have seen some Christians who behaved in ways that are unbecomingof even a decent human, yet I have seen non Christians who have somuch love and empathy that they are willing to give up themselve for others. I can only say that being a Christian, is not dependent on our efforts in this world.

Being a Christian is just having a belief that the Almighty exists and that He is by our side all the time. To our limited knowledge, sometimes He helps us, sometimes He just observes, knowing that there is something better. It’s a relationship with Him as we go about our mundane life. I have taken up this precious relationship.

I have, from numerous situations encountered Jesus and without Him, Iwould not be where I am today. I was a failure, a bankrupt, a divorcee, a drug abuser, and an ex-inmate. If a man can fail in any ways, I have done it. But even as such, God has given me a new life. If God can love some-one like me, and help me to turn around, He can also love and help you.

All you have to do is to reach out to Him.


John 3:16 | For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotton Son, that who